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Glyco Surge by Anabolic Warfare

Workout Longer*: The fast-acting carbs in Glyco Surge help to restore your muscles’ supply of glycogen after intense workouts while replenishing glucose to promote energy.*

Build muscle*: Glyco Surge helps your body receive the energy and fuel it needs in order for you to build muscle mass.*

Muscle Recovery: Consuming fast-acting carbs after a workout maximizes recovery by replenishing glucose and restoring glycogen in the body.*

Amazing Mixability: No need to worry about clumping or chalky aftertaste! Glyco Surge mixes great with protein shakes, BCAAs or any drink of your choice.

Designed for women and men: When you go hard in the gym, you need all the help you can get to get your body feeling refreshed and refueled. That’s why Glyco Surge is the perfect post-workout refuel choice for both men and women.*