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Glutamine by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

If you're looking for a brand new L-Glutamine formula for post-workout recovery, look no further. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals L-Glutamine may be the absolute perfect product for you. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals L-Glutamine was formulated to help with cell volumization & to promote overall strength, power, & speedy recovery. L-Glutamine will help with the overall Lactic Acid Elimination process in the body, & also help to increase the overall size of your Muscles. On top of all of that, Hi-Tech L-Glutamine will encourage the formation of lean, toned Muscle, & is easy to mix in your favorite beverage. Step up your post-workout game today. Pick up a tub. Introducing Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals L-Glutamine!!
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals L-Glutamine Benefits
  • Helps To Enhance Cell Volumization
  • Comes In Easy For On-The-Go Powder Formula
  • Promotes Power, Strength, & Recovery
  • Aids With Overall Lactic Acid Elimination
  • Encourages The Formation Of Lean Muscle
  • Helps To Increase Overall Muscle Size
  • Largely Centered Around Intestinal Health
  • Easy To Mix In Drink & 100% All Natural Formula
How Do I Take Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals L-Glutamine?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends mixing one (1) scoop of Glutamine Powder with 8 Ounces of Water or your favorite beverage or use as directed by a Physician or Licensed Nutritionist.