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PTSone Kit

OMEGA LEAN: is a lean omega ideal for athletes who want a non stimulant option to help with weight management. The ingredients in Omega Lean are designed to help you utilize calories more efficiently by supporting overall health, helping you get more out of your diet and fitness program. Omega Lean muscle toner is for hardworking people who don’t want to lose muscle while dropping body weight. A perfect product to pair with any weight loss bundle as it is stimulant free or take by itself for metabolism support. Active Ingredients MCT Oil: Medium-chain-triglycerides (MCT) are fatty acids that help convert the fat consumed inyour day into energy more efficiently. Ideal for individuals on high fat diets. L-Carnitine: A naturally occurring amino acid derivative that has been used heavily for weight loss. L-Carnitine has been shown to reduce fatigue during exercise to help you work harder. EPA & DHA: Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are types of omega 3 fatty acids that help support a healthy cardiovascular system and overall health.

DetoxOne: is a natural detox and cleanse that flushes impurities and toxins from your gallbladder, liver, and colon. DetoxOne helps with weight loss, increased energy, and improved nutrient absorption.

Phena-lean: Belly fat doesn’t have to control your life. Phena-lean is a premier weight management supplement. Phena-lean Benefits: Win the Scale: Diet pills are everywhere, most of them claiming to be the best. Phena-lean is the best weight management supplement out there because it combines effective ingredients into an easy to digest pill.* No powders or pre-made drinks. Just results.* Increase Focus*: Caffeine and ginseng make for a one-two punch that delivers out of this world clarity.* Added L-Tyrosine will have your brain ready to pounce on even the most ambitious goals.* Metabolism Support*: Theobromine and caffeine will help with fight cravings as well as support your metabolism.* The increased thermogenic state from Theobromine, along with exercise and proper nutrition, will help your body effectively reach your goals.* Muscle-preserving*: Phena-lean helps you target fat, not muscle.* If you’ve taken weight supplements before, then you know that you run the risk of losing some muscle. Combining Phena-lean with a good workout program will have you ready to show off that flat stomach without worry that you’re losing muscle.* Results: If you’re looking for a supplement with real results for women and men, Phena-lean is for you.* We stand by our products because we care about people reaching their goals. Phena-lean is our go-to choice for a weight management, and we recommend it for you too.